The time comes when to choose between to turn the page and to close the book

My greetings…hello everyone….

Greeting is the one which brings a little smile in reader’s face……

Iam up to you today to tell you a short story…… our life turn up by a sole decision….

There were two friends who are different in there character but where best friends of the times.

It was midsummer that they took a swim in the bay of a quiet stressing academic year.

It was the matter of second that the waves rouse all the sudden to surprise and choose one of the friends to the dinner for that night..

The two were so badly in friendship that the one left alive was not able to digest the fact that his partner in crime and laughter missing.

He used to work out his project alone, he used to play batting alone where the bowler was missing , he used to eat the treats alone on Halloween nights, he used to talk in loneliness, he was in a aloof….

It was not the matter of fact he didn’t understood ..that past is God’s will that no one dare to change…

One noon he made a decision to end his own life because the part of life he already gave his best friend was gone and gone forever.

He was alone in his room where his mother and sister were out for groceries. He filled the bath tub with ice which have a temperature equal to that in poles. He just put his big toe in the tub and felt a great wave of shiver down his spine. He halted the plan of the bath tub and went straight in to the kitchen to cut some of his arteries, but he stopped at the kitchen thinking that it must cause a pain which was a uncomfortable death. He thought of pressing his cervical vertebrae with his wind pipe by hanging on to the ceiling fan stoping his breath, but a thought that he should fight at least for a minute to death. He dismissed the idea. He sat on the couch tired of all the suicide thoughts.

He just heard a voice from back..” hi Steve, how are you? You are looking so tired. You don’t want to come to me. Your attempts to come to my place failed why??”

“Can I tell the reason why you failed in every attempt because you are just weak in heart. That is the most sensitive part of a human that you humans will be weak when you fail. You have the weakest part of the dismissal of your friend , and that’s the failure you have experienced which made you weak.”

” But the life is the ultimate Demi God which gives you a other chance to raise up, fight all your sorrows and give your face a chance to smile again, so raise up..”

” It is the fight for a beautiful thing called smile, since we are out of mother womb. It is the role play in the cast of the god, it is that we play our part very good, at our best.”

” The time in our life comes when we choose to turn the page or close the book, but fortunately the book of life is so interesting and beautiful that u should enjoy every page, and forget the choice called closing it”

When the boy turned back, the voice stopped ,there was no one behind him.

His mother and sister opened the door of the living room, when he understood that he was born to smile..and move on but his friend was always in his heart.

He hugged his mom and kissed his sister on her cheek , when his mom entered in to the kitchen.

“What the mess have you made here?” His mom screamed.

” That’s nothing , I was just giving birth to something.”he said.

“What???” Asked his sister when he went out into there garden and shouted ” something hidden in my face, that’s my smile.”

“I love you my life.”

Whose you think was the voice?

It was the voice from the inner heart which comes out when you feel so weak….

It is the time to smile and enjoy your book of life.